NCOIS research at the 2022 International Congress on Obesity

NCOIS researchers are proudly presenting their work at the International Congress on Obesity, coming up in Melbourne from the 18th – 22nd October, 2022.

Eleven NCOIS researchers are showcasing their work in fifteen posters. All posters will be on display for the entire congress.

Further details of the presentation of posters are outlined below. Head along to chat to our researchers more about their work!

Wednesday 19th October, 4:20PM – 5:30PM AEDT

Ana Renda
Early childhood education and care staff perspective on the implementation of a healthy eating and physical activity program: A qualitative study. P099
Thursday 20th October, 4:20PM – 5:30PM AEDT

Alice Grady
Assessing the scalability of evidence-based healthy eating and physical activity programs in early childhood education and care services across Australia P202

Melanie Lum
Healthy eating and physical activity practice implementation in early childhood education and care services across Australia: A cross-sectional study P228

Kate O’Brien
Identifying the effective components of school-based obesity prevention interventions: an exploratory analysis P248

Rachel Sutherland
Scaling up a healthy lunchbox program SWAP IT – which strategies are core and cost effective? P246

Luke Wolfenden
Learning health systems: An approach to optimise the impact of obesity prevention initiatives P241

Cassandra Lane
Optimising a physical activity policy implementation strategy via sequential randomised and controlled trials: the PACE case study P233

Alix Hall
A pilot trial assessing a workplace health promotion program to engage school staff in physical activity and healthy eating behaviours P229

Serene Yoong
A systematic review of early childhood education and care based nutrition interventions on child diet and weight outcomes. P251

Nina Imad
A systematic review of reviews assessing the effectiveness of obesity prevention interventions P244

Friday 21st October, 3:00PM – 4:00PM AEDT

Kate O’Brien
School-based nutrition interventions in children aged 6 to 18 years: an umbrella review of systematic reviews P357
Systematic review of childhood obesity prevention interventions in children aged 6-18 years P366

    Rachel Sutherland
Can a school nutrition intervention have an impact on a child’s whole day total energy intake? P365

Cassandra Lane
Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of an implementation intervention that improves teachers’ provision of school day physical activity P352

Courtney Barnes
The effect of school-based implementation interventions on measures of child nutrition, physical activity and BMI: A systematic review P353