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Welcome to NCOIS Headquarters (HQ), our portal for all things branding, team updates and more.
NCOIS Headquarters is a living site and will be updated with new information, so check back regularly.
And be sure to suggest any HQ additions that would assist your NCOIS work.

Website: https://ncois.org.au/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ncoisaustralia
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NCOIS logos:
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NCOIS Brand Presentation:
NCOIS Brand Presentation Nov 2020 –  PDF
NCOIS Brand Presentation – with recording (19mins – check your download file to open)

NCOIS Brand materials:
NCOIS Brand Guideline Booklet
NCOIS Brand Presentation Template
NCOIS ‘Better Poster’ template
NCOIS Footer -with NCOIS and UON logos
NCOIS Generic Intro ‘Boiler-plate’

NCOIS Brand images:
Soccer Ball
Bright play centre balls
Soccer field of kids
Basketball hoop
Preschool blocks
Lunch box
Water bottles

NCOIS Internal Newsletters: an update for NCOIS researchers and teams regarding new staff, and local and internal opportunities.

NCOIS Internal News November 2021
NCOIS Internal News September 2021
NCOIS Internal News July 2021
NCOIS Internal News June 2021 
NCOIS Internal News May 2021
NCOIS Internal News April 2021 
NCOIS Internal News March 2021
NCOIS Internal News February 2021
NCOIS Internal News January 2021

NCOIS Internal News December 2021
NCOIS Internal News November 2021

NCOIS External ‘Implementation News’: a triannual update for all partners and stakeholders on the progress of the Centre.
NCOIS Spring – Summer 2021 Centre Update
NCOIS Autumn- Winter 2021 Centre Update
NCOIS Spring-Summer 2021 Implementation News
NCOIS Autumn-Winter 2020 Implementation News

Implementation Infomail: A source of events, resources, papers, grants and funding opportunities, and more!
NCOIS Infomail May
NCOIS Infomail April
NCOIS Infomail March
NCOIS Infomail February

Implementation Infomail December 2021
Implementation Infomail October 2nd week 2021
Implementation Infomail October 1st week 2021
Implementation Infomail September 2021
Implementation Infomail August 2021

NCOIS Stakeholder Meeting- August 2021

NCOIS Stakeholder Meeting June 2022 (Recorded meeting)
Part 1 and Part 2
Presentation slides:
1. Luke Wolfenden – Centre overview, impact and emerging priorities
2. Serene Yoong and Melanie Lum – Identifying priority interventions in ECEC settings
3. Rebecca Hodder – Identifying priority interventions in school settings 
4. Rachel Sutherland – Optimising adoption of SWAP-IT
5. Serene Yoong and Heidi Turon – Knowledge Translation Research Update

Mentors and Advisors available to support NCOIS researchers and partners
List of Mentors and Advisors 2022

Contact Us:
Contact Meghan: Meghan.Finch@health.nsw.gov.au or Bec: Rebecca.Thomson1@health.nsw.gov.au