NCOIS Publication: School-Level Factors Associated With The Sustainment Of Weekly Physical Activity

NCOIS PhD Candidate Adam Shoesmith recently published a study in BMC Public Health looking at factors to support sustainment of weekly physical activity in schools.

Adam and his team used a thorough and proven measure to look at the factors that are related to schools continuing to deliver weekly physical activity once initial support is withdrawn. ​They also asked teachers which strategies they think are most useful (and are therefore most likely to keep using) to support their ongoing delivery of physical activity programs. ​

The team found that the most useful support strategies, according to teachers, include:​

  • Providing equipment packs that enable energisers (in-class activity breaks) or active lessons.​
  • Providing an information pack to upskill new staff about the program and how to apply it.​
  • Creating a whole school physical activity plan outlining the school’s steps to ensure the physical activity policy is met in the future.
  • Support strategies that teachers thought were less useful include training sessions; monitoring and feedback; and ongoing contact or support from external program providers.

Reference: Shoesmith, A., Hall, A., Wolfenden, L. et al. School-level factors associated with the sustainment of weekly physical activity scheduled in Australian elementary schools: an observational study. BMC Public Health 22, 1408 (2022).
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