STREAM 4: ‘Optimising the Implementation of Interventions’

What is the issue?

The best health outcomes will be achieved by implementing effective programs and practices in the best possible way. Implementation is supported by understanding factors such as the effect of implementation support strategies, cost and acceptability. To achieve the best health outcomes for the greatest number of people, programs and practices should be delivered effectively at scale and be sustainable over the long term.

How this program will help?

We are trialling how best to implement, at scale, a school based nutrition program (SWAP IT) and a school based physical activity intervention (Physically Active Children in Education (PACE)). Both of these programs have been found to be effective in pilot and effectiveness trials.
When determining optimal implementation, our analyses will consider factors such as effectiveness, cost, acceptability, feasibility, and how we can sustain implementation over the long term.


We are conducting randomised implementation trials in schools to determine how to best implement effective programs at scale. A series of trials will be conducted allowing us to make strategic changes to how the programs are delivered, testing at each point whether implementation is improved.

Physically Active Children in Education (PACE) (Contact Dr Nicole Nathan)
SWAPIT (Contact Dr Rachel Sutherland)