Application of Implementation Science models and frameworks

Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research Tools; various tools and resources; CFIR Research Team-Center for Clinical Management Research.

Dissemination & Implementation Models in Health Research & Practice Webtool; Web tool with 6 sections to assist with the application of dissemination and implementation models; produced by the University of Colorado, Washington, University UC San Diego.

Ten recommendations for using implementation frameworks in research and practice | Implementation Science Communications | Full Text (

Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) Education Frameworks & Models; website links and resources repository; produced by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.

 Implementation Science Resources Hub: Theories, models and frameworks Website with resources; University of Washington.

 Knowledge Hub Searchable database of resources on Implementation Science in Nutrition; The Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition.

 Dissemination and Implementation Education and resources; frameworks and models Website with papers, links and resources; University of Wisconsin-Madison, Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.

Implementation Science Theories, Models, and Frameworks (Module 2); Video, 20 minutes; produced by the National Cancer Institute.

Matchmaker Webinar: Matching Implementation Strategies to Barriers and Enablers; Webinar Recording, 90 minutes; produced by the Cancer Implementation Science and Sydney Health Partners Implementation Science Communities of Practice.

‘Implementation Frameworks: Overview’ and ‘Implementation Process Models’ (Section 3 and 4); Webinar, 1 hour; produced by the National Cancer Institute. NOTE: scroll down to access links to these specific sections.

Designing and Conducting Research for Implementation and Behavioural Change; Video, 1 hour; produced by the Centre for Behavioural and Implementation Science Interventions.

ISHCA 21: Contemporary Methods in Implementation Science – Study Designs and Frameworks; Online conference session recording, 95 mins; produced by Sydney Health Partners. NOTE: Registration required to access, no cost associated.