Scaling up

Scaling Up. Recorded webinar; National Centre of Implementation Science.

Implementing and scaling up public health programs Factsheet; The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre.

Why are some interventions successfully scaled over others? Combining a realist perspective and systems analysis to identify key mechanisms of scaling up. Recorded webinar; International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA).

Implementation & Scale Up Academic Debate. Recorded webinar; The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre (TAPPC).

Increasing the Scale of Population Health Interventions: A Guide. NSW Ministry of Health Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence.

The intervention scalability assessment tool (ISAT). The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre.

 Scaling Implementation Capacity Recorded, webinar 14 mins; UK National Institute for Health Research

Resources and support for the science and practice of scale-up Website with information and resources; ExpandNet, a global network of individuals from international organizations, academic and research institutions, governmental ministries and specific projects who seek to advance the science and practice of scaling up. 

Beginning with the end in mind Guide; ExpandNet.

 Nine Steps for developing a scaling up strategy Guide; ExpandNet.

Scaling up health service delivery: from pilot innovations to policies and programmes Guide; ExpandNet.

The Implementation Mapping Tool: A tool to support adaptive management and documentation of scale up Guide; ExpandNet.