Associate Professor Andrew Searles

Newcastle, NSW, Australia


Associate Professor Andrew Searles is the Associate Director of the Health Research Economics Unit of the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI).

Associate Professor Searles has experience as a health economist within industry and academic settings. His research focus is on economic health evaluations and developing a framework to measure research translation and research impact. His research work has contributed to Australian policy, through invited briefings to Federal Parliamentarians.

Research Interest

From HMRI profile:

  • Using health economics to evaluate health interventions and technology – economists typically use cost, cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyses to help identify whether a new intervention or health technology provides value for money.  
  • Impact analysis – investigating the consequences of investing in translational health and medical research.
  • Policy input – providing information relevant to policymakers on the outcomes and cost consequences from new interventions and health technologies.  

Role in NCOIS

Associate Investigator

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