Jessica Bell

Canberra, ACT, Australia


Jess completed an undergraduate degree in medical radiation science and holds postgraduate qualifications in biomedical science. Jess worked at the Australian National University in a biomedical research laboratory for several years, contributing to numerous publications and inventing a patented medical device. Following this, she completed her clinical training in radiation science, working across multiple tertiary hospitals in NSW and the ACT. In 2016 Jess began as a policy officer in population health at ACT Health, initially working in environmental health, tobacco, and food policy, before transitioning into communicable diseases and health promotion.

Research Interest

Jess has a keen interest in implementation science and how research is translated into evidence-informed interventions which can be incorporated into policy and programs to influence health promoting behaviours. Her focus is on identifying international and Australian priorities for school-based chronic disease prevention targeting nutrition, physical activity, tobacco and alcohol use.

Role in NCOIS

PhD candidate