Director Professor Luke Wolfenden



Professor Luke Wolfenden is a behavioural and implementation scientist. In addition to his role as the NCOIS Director, Professor Wolfenden is an NHMRC Fellow at the University of Newcastle, Co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Evidence and NCD program implementation, and a member of The Prevention Centre’s Leadership Executive. 

Research Interest

Professor Wolfenden’s research seeks to reduce the burden of chronic disease in the community. Over the past 5 years his work has focused on:

i) trialling interventions to reduce modifiable chronic disease risks in the community;

ii) trialling dissemination and implementation strategies to increase the adoption of evidence based chronic disease prevention practices by organisations in the community; and,

iii) conducting methodological research to facilitate the translation of research into practice.

The primary modifiable risks his research addresses are obesity, diet, physical inactivity, alcohol and tobacco use.  Professor Wolfenden has conducted trials of health behaviour interventions or of population wide-dissemination and implementation strategies in hospitals, out-patient clinics, schools, childcare centres, community organisations, and sports clubs.

To ensure that the practice relevance of research outcomes and maximise the potential for successful translation, Luke’s work is informed through on-going engagement processes with end-users.

Role in NCOIS

Professor Luke Wolfenden is the Director of NCOIS.

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