Dr Tara Clinton-McHarg

University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia


Dr Tara Clinton-McHarg is a behavioural scientist with more than 15 years experience conducting behaviour change research. She has expertise in designing and evaluating chronic disease prevention trials in community settings (schools, childcare services, sporting clubs, NGOs). In her role with NCOIS, Dr Clinton-McHarg is leading a discrete choice experiment to elicit high school principal preferences for implementing health risk prevention programs. Dr Clinton-McHarg is also a CI on two grants to explore barriers to the implementation of chronic disease prevention care in mental health NGOs.

Research Interest

Dr Clinton-McHarg’s primary research focus is bridging the gap between physical and mental health care across the lifespan, from prevention through to treatment. She has a particular interest in adolescent health and developing assessment tools.

Role in NCOIS

Post-doctoral researcher

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