Updated Cochrane Systematic Review Looks At Strategies That Help Schools Implement Policies And Practices To Prevent Chronic Disease

As part of our research program, our NCOIS Director Luke Wolfenden recently co-authored a new Cochrane review looking at strategies to support the implementation of school policies and practices to prevent chronic disease.

Cochrane reviews study all of the best available evidence generated through research and are recognized as the international gold standard for high-quality, trusted information.

Luke says that “The review would be of interest to any agency responsible for promoting health of students through school based programs.”

Luke and our researchers have long been interested in how we can best support schools to implement evidence based interventions. This is important because “Reducing chronic disease risk requires that we implement evidence based interventions well. We currently don’t know how best to go about this. This knowledge is crucial to promoting student’s health and well-being”

In brief, they found that comprehensive strategies to implement chronic disease prevention programs are effective.

Next steps will be to investigate whether we can identify implementation strategies that are more consistently associated with better implementation of programs.

If you are interested in reading more, see the full text article and our 1-page summary of the paper.