Just Landed: Two New Studies For School-Based Settings

Our NCOIS researchers have just published two studies involving school-based chronic disease prevention. These studies further our work in implementation of chronic disease prevention in school settings.

The studies:

  • Adaptation and Validation of the Program Sustainability Assessment Tool (PSAT) for Use in the Elementary School Setting

    The Program Sustainability Assessment Tool (PSAT) is used to understand and assess a program’s capacity for sustainability. This study adapted and evaluated PSAT for use in a physical activity program delivered by elementary school teachers. This type of assessment is necessary if we are to ensure the long-term delivery and continued benefits of public health programs in schools.

    Authors: Hall A, Shoesmith A, Shelton RC, Lane C, Wolfenden L, Nathan N.
    Pulication: Access here.
    Lead Researcher: Dr Alix Hall, contact here.


  • School-Based Nutrition Interventions in Children Aged 6 to 18 Years: An Umbrella Review of Systematic Reviews

    The most comprehensive summary to date of high-quality school-based healthy eating studies around the world, this review identifies which types of programs lead to children and adolescents eating more fruit and vegetables and less fat.

    Authors: O’Brien KM, Barnes C, Yoong S, Campbell E, Wyse R, Delaney T, Brown A, Stacey F, Davies L, Lorien S, Hodder RK
    Publication: Access here.
    Lead Researcher: Dr Kate O’Brien, contact here.