Past events


WORKSHOP: Sustaining the implementation of chronic disease prevention initiatives in community settings.

Delivered at the International Congress of Behavioural Medicine, 23 August 2023, Vancouver, Canada.

Delivered by Dr. Nicole Nathan, Dr. Alix Hall, Prof. Luke Wolfenden, Adam Shoesmith.

This workshop aimed to introduce participants to: (i) the concept of EBI sustainability; (ii) determinants to sustaining EBIs; (iii) theories, frameworks and applications; and (iv) practical methods for planning and addressing sustainability.

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SHORT COURSE: ISBNPA Implementation Science Short Course. 

This short course was delivered as a pre-conference event, June 12th-13th 2023, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Delivered by Professor Luke Wolfenden, Associate Professor Nicole Nathan, and Associate Professor Rachel Sutherland with international experts, Dr Femke van Nassau, Dr Taren Swindle and Dr Christiaan Vis.

The course was designed to equip beginners in implementation science with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully translate research into practice in the field of physical activity, nutrition and health promotion.

The course covered the following:
– Understanding the principles of implementation science
– Identifying barriers and facilitators to implementation using theories and frameworks
– Developing and testing implementation strategies
– Evaluating the effectiveness of implementation efforts

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WORKSHOP: Sustaining the Implementation of Obesity Prevention Initiatives in Community Settings.

The workshop was delivered at the International Congress on Obesity, 19th October, 2022. 

Delivered by Nicole Nathan, Alix Hall, Adam Shoesmith and Serene Yoong.

The workshop aimed to build knowledge and practical skills in the science of sustainability introcuding participants to:

(i) the concept of evidence-based intervention sustainability
(ii) determinants to sustaining evidence-based interventions
(iii) current theories, frameworks and applications, and
(iv) practical methods for planning and addressing sustainability.

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