International Consortium on Sustaining Implementation for Public Health

Who we are

Established in July 2023 by Associate Professor Nicole Nathan, the International Consortium on Sustaining Implementation for Public Health brings together leading authorities from around the world, with a membership of 20 global experts in sustainability science. As a collaborative network, we are a diverse and multidisciplinary team of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners united in our commitment to advancing sustainability research.

Our consortium represents a united effort to tackle the most urgent challenges relating to sustaining evidence-based public health initiatives through collective expertise and innovative solutions.

Members of the Consortium are:

What we do

Sustaining effective public health programs has been described as ‘one of the most significant translational research problems of our time’ [1]. We are therefore dedicated to identifying and addressing the most pressing issues in sustainability science.

Through priority-setting processes, we will determine what questions need to be answered, what can be addressed through existing evidence, and what new evidence needs to be generated.

Our goal is to foster global collaboration among researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to facilitate this process. Our partners currently include the World Health Organization (WHO) and every Australian state and territory as we focus on accelerating the translation of our innovative research program into practice.

How we do our work

Under the leadership of Associate Professor Nicole Nathan, the consortium will drive international efforts to undertake prioritised sustainability research. We will address critical gaps in the current evidence base by conducting innovative studies and leveraging a multidisciplinary approach. This research will significantly influence global health practices by providing practical, end-user focused, guidance for policymakers and practitioners. Through our innovative solutions and multidisciplinary approach, our transformative research aims to create lasting positive impacts on global health.

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  1. Proctor, E., Luke, D., Calhoun, A. et al. Sustainability of evidence-based healthcare: research agenda, methodological advances, and infrastructure support. Implementation Sci 10, 88 (2015).