NCOIS international Sustainability Science Consortium to address challenges in sustaining evidence-based chronic disease prevention interventions

NCOIS is excited to be leading an international consortium in sustainability science in October!

The consortium will bring together leading, international experts in sustainability for a one-day workshop that will produce valuable insights into sustainability science to assist policy makers and practitioners, as well as foster collaboration among leaders from around the world.

Why Sustainability? 

Sustainability is a core focus of NCOIS’ chronic disease prevention research.  

By effectively sustaining chronic disease prevention programs we can realise health benefits and avoid wasting the millions of dollars spent that are spent on the development of these programs – many of which are abandoned within two years. We can also safeguard community trust, protect investments of time and resources, and make a difference to public health. 

Less than 0.1% of public health research currently examines sustainability research. More investment in sustainability research is urgently needed to provide policy makers and practitioners with the knowledge and tools to ensure public health programs achieve their potential. 

What will the Consortium contribute? 

The consortium will build on the valuable insights and experience of sustaining chronic disease prevention interventions that have been shared by Australian policy makers and practitioners through NCOIS’ ongoing research lead by Dr Nicole Nathan 

Together this workshop held with the consortium will: 

  • Progress understanding of fundamental sustainability principles and approaches: The workshop will explore theoretical concepts and practical strategies for sustaining evidence-based interventions (EBIs).  
  • Advance Research: Identifying the key research areas needed to advance sustainability science is at the forefront of the workshop’s agenda. The consortium will provide an opportunity for international experts to collaboratively identify and progress sustainability research priorities. 
  • Develop practical guidance in sustainability: the longer-term goal of the workshop and ongoing consortium is to develop an evidence-based practice guide for policy makers and practitioners to support planning and sustained delivery of EBIs.  

The workshop will also function as a research project, collecting qualitative data to inform the development of (i) a typology manuscript and (ii) a paper to outline the goals and future directions needed to progress the field of sustainability science. 

The international Sustainability Consortium’s one-day workshop promises to be a pivotal event, driving progress in the field and offering practical solutions for sustaining evidence-based interventions in real-world scenarios.  


Stay tuned for updates on the outcomes and recommendations that will emerge from this landmark gathering of sustainability experts.