Dr Rachel Sutherland

University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia


Dr Rachel Sutherland is an NHMRC Research Fellow with the University of Newcastle’s School of Medicine and Public Health (Nutrition and Dietetics). Dr Sutherland is also an experienced Public Health Nutritionist, Health Promotion Practitioner and Program Manager. 

As an early career researcher, Dr Sutherland has held lead roles on a number of research projects and trials focused on childhood obesity prevention across the research translation spectrum, including feasibility studies, efficacy trials, hybrid implementation trials and the scale-up of a program known as SWAP IT, which supported parents of primary school children to swap nutrition-poor lunchbox foods for healthier food options. 

Research Interest

An influential translational researcher, Dr Sutherland’s work is focused on the development and evaluation of implementation research interventions to scale up population health services. 

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Role in NCOIS

Research Lead

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