What works for preventing, and supporting cessation, of youth e-cigarette use? A Cochrane living systematic review of randomised controlled trials.

Dr Courtney Barnes is leading a Cochrane “living systematic review” looking at the impact of interventions to prevent or cease youth e-cigarette use (also known as vaping).

Addressing youth e-cigarette use is a growing public health priority that urgently requires the implementation of evidence-based interventions to curb potentially harmful health implications.

While this first search found no published studies of randomised controlled trials (RCTs), the team identified 22 studies that were underway and will probably be included in future updates. Due to the lack of published studies, little is known about how effective interventions are in preventing or stopping youth e-cigarette use.

The “living” nature of this review means the team will conduct new searches every month. Findings of the review will be continuously and rapidly updated as new evidence emerges.

Read the plain language summary and full text.

Future updates to the review can be found by accessing the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

This study is part of a research collaboration, SPARKE, of which NCOIS is a member.