NCOIS researchers presenting at the Evidence & Implementation Summit – October 9-11, 2023

Our researchers are heading to Melbourne, Australia for the biennial Evidence and Implementation Summit (EIS) as it kicks off on October 9th, 2023.

The Summit’s primary theme, “Implementing evidence for real-world impact: How far have we come and where are we going?” acknowledges the progress made in the 12 years since the inception of EIS and highlights a focus on examining future challenges and opportunities. The Summit notes that there is “growing inequality here and across the globe, it is critical we put in place policies, programs and practices that have the best chance of making a difference for people facing adversity.”

The Summit invites discussion about the best ways to apply high-quality evidence to “create more effective policies and programs, with the power to improve outcomes for individuals and families.” 

This year’s event, held both in-person and online, has drawn together experts and innovative researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from around the world to share advances, case-studies and latest findings on the synthesis, generation, translation and implementation of evidence in policy and practice.

Dr Nicole Nathan, Adam Shoesmith and Edd Riley Gibson will be presenting their research in sustaining implementation in community settings as part of a panel on Tuesday, 10th October.

Our researchers will also be presenting on the scale up of chronic disease prevention interventions.

Over two presentations, Dr Courtney Barnes will share findings from the scale up of the school lunchbox program, “SWAP-IT.” Firstly, looking at program adoption barriers and secondly, exploring the potential for differences in program uptake within schools supporting priority populations. 

Associate Professor Serene Yoong will present her research into the implementation, scale up and sustainment of an early childhood physical activity program, “Get Outside, Get Active.” In an additional, pre-recorded presentation, Associate Professor Yoong details the scaling up of an intervention to improve the implementation of nutrition guidelines within early childhood education & care services.

Find out more about these presentations and session details below: